A.C. Slater - When you take a shit but are facing the toilet, instead of away from it. Hence, you are sitting on the toilet like A.C. Slater always did on Saved by The Bell.

Adult Candy - A lip, dip, skoal.

Awko Taco - awkwardness

Biscuit - A lip, dip, skoal.

Bullet - A lip, dip, skoal.

Buddy Spit - Filling your mouth with beer and then spitting it into a welcome receiver's mouth. They can either quench their thirst then or pass it on to someone else, forming a buddy spit chain. Naysayers are known to rip on buddy spits, citing reasons like "grossness", "manners", and "HIV".

Chafe - Anything that is bothersome or annoying. Examples include anything from stubbing your toe to getting kicked out of Walsh.

Chay Field - A field that has got to be mentioned in the conversation of the World's Best Fields, along with Costner's baseball-diamond-cornfield in Field of Dreams and the NCAA basketball tournament field. A rare place where people over the age of 40 are permitted to chay. Rumors have been circulating that women have been sighted on Chay Field but these sources are not confirmed.

Chi Chi's - Late night hot dog stand that one can never leave without having an eventful experience.

Cheddarbomb - When you throw a crumpled up bill (of any amount) at your friend. Biting the fuse like a grenade beforehand is always an option.

Chillside - A café that was built solely for people-watching where they just happen to sell food and drink.

Cuello - Cool, fresh, awesome, spectacular.

DCD - Designated Chay Day. A day involving unprecedented, fierce drinking. These days can be designated at the beginning of the day or much earlier in advance. For example, you can go through the calendar at the start of the year and pick out days where you know you're gonna get faced like: 4th of July, home football games against big rivals, Marathon Monday, etc. The only rule is that you cannot declare it to be a DCD once you have started drinking because that would mean that there was a time during the day when people were drinking without knowing it was a DCD, which would surely take away from the aggression with which they were drinking.

deadliest catch-beer run (how you get lobsters). scroll down for lobsters. Bags used to smuggle them into walsh are lobsterpots/traps.

deverage-a drink in Devlin 008.

Doggie - A lip, dip, skoal. Sizes of lips can be classified by breed (massive lips are great danes, quick baby lips are pugs, etc.)

eternal puddle- If you don't know where it is, feel free to ask one of us (if you don't mind being killed 60 seconds later). A puddle that stays a puddle year round (despite being roughly 3 feet in diameter). If you see it drying up at anytime please throw a splash of any liquid you have on your person on it. If you have no liquid on you, don't hesitate to do your best rain dance.

fishing trawler-the car you take to pick up lobsters (scroll down for lobsters definition).

flannie-flannel (Friday attire).

flattie-flat brim hat.

flatty foster parents-you trade flattys with your bro and make a pact to not scuff each other's flatty. Particular bros will offer Flatty Insurance and Compensation, generally with an interest rate of %75.

flintstoned-abusing flintstone vitamins. new club drug apparently.

FPM-feet per minute. A rating that in most states is required to be posted in all elevators. We love comparing speeds and bragging about speedy rides and moaning about slow ones. (Voute Hall, mythical elevator on Newton).

Fresh - The opposite of chafe. Anything that is cool or enjoyable.

FSU-fuck shit up. It's what we do, but mainly what Notorious B.R.O. does.

fucked down-sober. not fucked up, thats for sure.

Graduation - Apocalypse.

Grapefruit - Another way of saying "bush league," like the Grapefruit League.

Grind - Stress-inducing work that must be done in order to chay. But remember, "All grind and no chay makes Jack a dull boy."

Job - fuckover, screw, force bad things upon an individual or group

Juice - battery for your Mac (not PC) laptop

Killing Spree - 5 straight days of drinking

Lawrence Taylor-bringing a girl back to your room only to pay her no attention and beat off the whole time.

Lay Away - Making the mature decision to go out and buy food before you go to flight school, then going to flight school and having the amazing feeling of remembering you have food on lay-away for you.

Lobsters - Beers. known casually as "lobbies."

Onions - overtime

Poodles - Pouches. Pussy.

Post Facto Chafe - Something brought upon you, either through your actions or someone else's, that keeps coming back to haunt you. "That chili burger at dinner was amazing but when I was laying pipe later that night it was a classic case of post facto chafe."

Running Riot - 10 straight days of drinking

Shit That- The same thing as "fuck that". Many urban legends surround the tale of how this phrase was coined.

Shmeeb - a unique person that cannot be described in any other way. Usually they are no bigger than 5'7" and most of the time they're funny looking 

Spring Training - Pre-gaming

T-Party - Drinking on the T, the local public transport system.

Trog - Unattractive female.

Two's - How we shake hands. Touch two fingers in a variety of methods.

Vampire - Filling your mouth with beer and proceding to bite a passerby's neck. You kill two birds with one stone in that you bite their neck and explode beer all over their neck/torso. Hisses and growls in the seconds leading up to the vampire attack are optional but recommended.

Volcano Keg Stand - Exactly as it sounds, a keg stand, but with a volcano. Watch your lips, sweetheart, it's hot. As a result of heavy government funding, recent developments have been made by advanced biotech corporations involving materials similar to a 2'' PVC pipe that can be placed on top of the volcano to protect the stander's lips.

Walsh - The dormitory. Mecca.