Friday, May 4, 2012

Bro You Should Know: Frenchy Francoeur

When you play for a shitty team like the Royals I gotta imagine it's a struggle having fun and keeping the fans entertained day in and day out. Enter my second favorite average ballplayer Jeff Francoeur. He loves hooking it up for the fans that sit behind him in right field. It first came to my attention earlier this year in Oakland when he ordered twenty personal pizzas before the game and had the clubhouse staff bring the pizzas and autographed bats out to a group of fans in right field at some point during the game. Last night at home for the second time since he came to KC he threw an autographed ball up into the seats wrapped in a hundred dollar bill with a note scribbled on it: buy some beer on me. You gotta respect the old man fresh off a two-year 13.5 deal showing the fans some love.


  1. wade boggs was not an average ballplayer so shut up

  2. he's not average. he's downright terrible. can't get on base, can't take a walk. swings at the first pitch. swings at anything out of the strike zone. no way he deserved that overpaid contract. i can't believe he's still in the majors.