Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hustle Westbrook

For those of you who missed this post-game interview last night, it was really well-done by Russell. What did Johnathon expect him to say to that question? You fuckin people baffle me.

From the SI Vault

I call this masterpiece "morbid curiosity at the 18th hole."
Challenge: name this tournament (hint: he finished in 7th at +10).
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So Stoked for Commencement Ball

Monday, May 7, 2012


It's been a minute since we've played America's second favorite game show behind name that Molina. Same rules as always: name the colleges of these heroes.

Challenge: what do all five in common?

Jason Terry


Steve Blake


Jason Richardson


Santonio Holmes


Challenge: Peerless Price


Maybe Life After Graduation Isn't So Bad

If you're drinking Hornitos Tequila that is!!

10 Years Later...

Happy 10 year anniversary to one of the greatest pressers of all time. Allen's answers were professional, profound, and legendary. Timeless interview.

Fresh Sample of the Week

Some fine samplings from Theo London and ASAP for the library this week:


If Biebs and 50 Weren't Enough

Here's Wayne with Money Mayweather after his win this weekend (great scene at tbizzle's pad). Floyd looks like he just spent 10 minutes on the elliptical. Still doesn't mean anything until he fights Pacquiao in my opinion. Pretty pathetic that a sport that has been down for so long finally gets two stars and it can't even get them to square up. My guess is that it happens 3 years from now when they're both past the peak of their careers and running out of money. I think Pacquiao would wreck him but that doesn't mean I can't get enough of Floyd.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

NHL 13 Cover [updated]

Had to run an updated version with a shoutout to some assorted commenters. Classless move on my behalf not realizing it was indeed Pierre who coached and assistant GM'd everybody's favorite defunct hockey franchise to a 23-37-7 record in the 93-94 season.

My vote for the cover of the new chel. Some champion attributes:

• runner up for the Leafs Habs gm job last week

• hosts a great drinking game

• hooks it up with real-time chirps at ice level

• can fit into tight spaces

• starred in master of disguise

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bro You Should Know: Frenchy Francoeur

When you play for a shitty team like the Royals I gotta imagine it's a struggle having fun and keeping the fans entertained day in and day out. Enter my second favorite average ballplayer Jeff Francoeur. He loves hooking it up for the fans that sit behind him in right field. It first came to my attention earlier this year in Oakland when he ordered twenty personal pizzas before the game and had the clubhouse staff bring the pizzas and autographed bats out to a group of fans in right field at some point during the game. Last night at home for the second time since he came to KC he threw an autographed ball up into the seats wrapped in a hundred dollar bill with a note scribbled on it: buy some beer on me. You gotta respect the old man fresh off a two-year 13.5 deal showing the fans some love.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh My!

#RIP Junior

RIP to my second favorite defensive NFL Street player behind Bobby "the blanket" Taylor and second favorite Junior: Samoan legend Junior Seau. The 12x Pro Bowler from USC laid some serious wood (and pipe) throughout his career for the Chargers and Dolphins before the shortest ever retirement (four days) brought him back to play for the Pats. The Tasmanian Devil most notably had to sit out his freshman season at USC because his 690 on the SAT fell just shy of the 700 requirement likely set by Morris Claiborne. In all seriousness Junior was one of the good guys in football who was really active in the community and it's sad to see him go.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thunder & Lightning

I could easily see Harden and Upton dating. I really hope the Thunder come out of the West.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Incredibly tough to follow The Dark Knight with a movie of equal or greater value but this looks extremely legit. Potential to be the best action movie of all time I'd say.