Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sportsbook Wager of the Day NFL Draft props for this Thursday has first round QBs at over/under 3.5. Broston draft analyst and quarterback specialist Jenkems likes the over but let's see what our friends at the network have to say:

Kiper Mock Draft 4.0 | McShay Mock Draft 5.0 (buy insider)

Putting aside the first two picks, both Kiper and McShay still like Tannehill to the Dolphins at 8 as the only other QB taken in the first round and seem to believe that's a lock. Despite what our in-house draft analyst has to say I tend to agree with these two who are usually right when they share an opinion. I don't think that the better looking, more successful version of Shinskie (Weeden) is going to make it off the board in the first round unless for some reason Cleveland, who picks for a second time at 22, feels that he'll be taken sometime between 22 and their third pick at 37. Sportsbook likes the under also and lists it as a -180 favorite, winning you $11.11 with a $20 bet.


  1. get a job muldo

  2. this was jenkems but keep an eye out for my upcoming post on Mountain West baseball spreads

  3. damn pretty prescient