Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Israeli Connection Between Bernie Fine and Sean Williams

The title of this post sounds like the title of a paper I would submit for a class entitled "Drug Misdemeanors and Sexual Abuse in Israeli Athletics in a Post 9/11 World." If you haven't heard, Bernie Fine just landed a job with an Israeli basketball team, Maccabi Bazan Haifa. I know, classic Bern move right? I read a little more of this article than I probably should have and stumbled upon, "After losing star center Sean Williams to the NBA when the lockout ended in December, Haifa has slumped to a 5-20 record that has the Greens, as they're known, stuck in last place in Israel's 11-team top division." I'm really not sure where a worse place to be would be: prison for touching kids or being an assistant to the worst basketball team in one of the worst leagues in one of the world's worst regions. 

And how did this job interview go? 

"So tell me about your last job Mr. Fine"
"Sure, glad you asked. I joined Syracuse in 1976 and had a blast from the beginning. The atmosphere at Syracuse is unbelievable. The passion around the team is truly special. I went to 3 Final Fours and 2 Championship games, winning it once. I enjoyed keeping my players on track academically too. Most of my time was spent crafting defensive schemes, rebounding for players working on their jumpshot after practice, and touching little boys. Overall my time at Syracuse is what I refer to as "My Golden Years."
"Excellent. What would you say your weakness is?"
"Rolling backpacks."
"OK, any other red flags I should know about?"
"None that comes to mind, no."
"Perfect. Mr. Fine, welcome to Maccabi Bazan Haifa!"

For those wondering, Sean Williams had a mere 2 points against Cuse when they played in 04-05. Did Williams not want to damage the confidence of who he knew would one day be the face of Maccabi Bazan Haifa? We may never know.

9:06 Tell me that isn't the rowdiest gym in the world.
16:09 Feature on Williams.

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