Thursday, April 19, 2012

The C's Chances Just Got a Whole Lot Brighter

With Jermaine O’Neal lost to season-ending wrist surgery, Boston decided to bring in Sean Williams as an extra big.

The 25-year-old Williams is a great athlete and talented shot blocker, but his personal issues have kept him from living up to his considerable potential so far. Williams was dismissed from the Boston College basketball team his junior year after being suspended multiple times, and was arrested in 2009 after being drafted by the Nets with the 17th overall pick in the 2007 draft.


YA BOY IS BACK. Sean Williams comes in at the right time to cool everybody down after an up-and-down season that featured such distractions as non-stop Rondo trade talks and non-stop Greg Stiemsma - Aryan Brother comparisons. Williams a.k.a. The King of Not Giving a Fuck once wrote obscenities on a fingerprint card and trespass warning instead of his name when he was tossed from BC's Campus in '09 despite getting invited to watch the Duke game. I will now point out that they lost that game by a point and maybe if there was just one more passionate BC fan in the crowd the outcome could have been different. Alas, I can't wait to see this dude ball. Mark my words: If Sean gets busted high off his ass tomorrow (very, very, very likely) he sails into the number 3 spot on the list of Ironic Celtics Jerseys to Own behind Chris Herren and Len Bias, respectively.


  1. best post ever.

  2. Herren and the Williams Block Party are also in the top 3 ironic Boston College jerseys to own along with Romanowski, no?

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