Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At Least Spaz Is Honest...

When I reflect on the BC football season and look ahead to the future, I see Ls.  As bad off as I think the Eagles will be in the coming seasons, at least I know we’re going to lose the right way: with mediocre talent and bad play calling i.e. with the stache at the helm.  Would I really rather lose honestly than win with a little extracurricular help?  Probably not, but every day when I hear the next (Blank)Gate coming out of the New Orleans Saints locker room, I cringe in disgust. 
As probably the biggest Saints fan you’ll find north of the Mason-Dixon line, every Sportscenter breaking news update makes me afraid to look at my TV.  While Greg Williams is a total scrub and I’m happy is no longer affiliated with the Saints organization, it pains me to see good men like Sean Payton and GM  Mickey Loomis taking the brunt of the Goodell charge.  I feel like Gerry Garner under the tyrannical rule of Tony Perkis.  Goodell is Perkisizing all over the Saints organization and unless Loomis shaves that douchy goatee I don’t see our chances of winning a home field Superbowl next season getting any better.  Loomis needs to take a lesson from Spaz: grow a mustache and they’ll believe anything you say.  The funny thing is that he doesn’t have anyone fooled that he’s a good coach. We know he sucks and he probably knows he sucks; he’s just doing what any one of us would do: not resign from a D1, high profile college football job.  It sucks that the Saints are getting an example made of them by the league, but it only goes to show that you can only play the system for so long and if you’re going to win in the long term, you eventually have to do it the right way.


  1. words of wisdom right here. #FireSpaz #FireGDF

  2. i'd rather cheat and win than have to watch our sub-division quality team

  3. spaz kicking harris off the team. #themoustachehasspoken