Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Whiff Of Jenkem - Why Kyle Korver Has The Best Job In Sports

If you ever get into an argument where you have to decide to be one non-star athlete in sports, you'd be crazy not to go with Kyle Korver. The guy legitimately has the best job in all of sports. No high pressure situations like Billy Cundiff, no chance of committing an error in left field in the World Series, no ability to lose his front teeth. Just the job to play the game of basketball everyday. He's in his eighth season in the NBA and has already developed the eternal "shooter" tag that comes with milking threes consistently for a living. Hell, he could shoot under 33% from downtown for the rest of his career and continue to bounce around team to team for 6 more years before anyone noticing because everyone would always be willing to give him a chance to knock down threes and stretch the floor. Luckily he is making his shots right now and doing so on the best team in basketball. So he's got the best job in basketball on the best team in basketball. Pretty good gig for 5 million bucks a year. He's got a low risk, high reward job. Coach puts him in to knock three's down, if he's hot, he stays in, if he's cold, he goes back on the bench and another one of the Bulls deep role players jumps in. No one even cares when he's cold. The fans just politely ask him to exit the game and give him another chance the next night. It's a gig that earned Robert Horry 7 rings. Robert Horry killed this role and was only remembered for the big shots (hence the nickname) that he made. If Korver can make a big shot in the playoffs this year, he will only help his cause. If he misses a big shot, Derrick Rose gets blamed for not taking it. Throw in living in the fresh city of Chicago and being an eerily similar look-a-like to Ashton Kucher and Kyle Korver is on top of the world. He's also quietly 6-8.


  1. Yeah, I'm actually inclined to agree. Korver's got it good. Plus, he's impossible to dislike.

  2. i would have to disagree...His fellow teammate, brian scalabrine, has the best job in sports, by far. Think about it....He's averaging 4.8 minutes per game this year while making $1.2 million. On top of that he basically gets a standing ovation every time he enters the game. Whenever he bricks a three, fans chuckle a little and think its cute that the big red headed stiff clanked another one. For a guy who's made $20 million throughout his career and winning an NBA championship, I'd say old Scal has got it made.

  3. ^^ya but he is also hideous and has red hair. advantage korver

  4. He's no JJ Redick

    1. Reddick is the quintessential "bitch" of the NBA.