Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kevin Hall: I'm Confused By Your Style But I Kind of Like It

Bobby Fisher. Ted Kaczynski. Nyjer Morgan. Kevin Hall. No person I have ever come across has been as enigmatic, perplexing, and mysterious as BC student Kevin Hall. While I've never met Kevin, him and our blog have a pretty special relationship. We can usually count on a couple e-mails every month or so from him. Most of them shit on us: not the blog, but actually us, as people. I get the feeling Kevin has as much fun writing these e-mails as we do reading them. Anyway, Kevin is a stand-up comedian. Some of his e-mails include videos of him on stage, some better than others. One he sent us last week was probably his best, and Kevin still managed to throw in one of his classically baffling rants:

I realize you guys will probably find some way to just take a heaping dump all over this video if you do decide to post it, considering that's what you're good at. But I think this is a proper "fuck-you" comeback from what you did with the last video I sent you. It's up to you

I'm honestly not sure if we posted one of his previous videos but I don't think I shat on it? Don't quote me on that, I love shitting on shit. Maybe it's just the part of me that wants to do the opposite of what Kevin thinks I will (shit on his video) but I truly feel after all the effort on the e-mails that we owe this to him. Back to the e-mails: the next e-mail (which actually included the video, can't believe I've never written the baby chafe of forgetting to attach something) left us with a short but to the point message:

All of you can just suck it.

It's official: "Suck it" has made a comeback. Before finishing this, let me also plug Lieutenant Jenkems' first stand-up effort, happening either April 20 (lol) or 21st in a mod near you. Without further ado, I give you BC's own Kevin Hall. Utilize the comment box. Oh yeah the video's sideways.

Hall enters at 1:30


  1. not bad

  2. Not bad Kevin. You have come a long way. Lose the virginity jokes, lose the bad puns/oneliners, and you got yourself a standup act.

    If only Nights on the Heights could improve so much. NOTH fucking blows ass.

  3. He sucks at DUAN

    1. Awesome! Another blog for commenting on the comments on a blog!


  5. Hey Kev, I can't help but think this act would go over a little better if you tried to put a few jokes in it. Food for thought.

  6. Schindler's List was funnier than anything Kevin Hall has ever said or done.

  7. Fuck you Kevin.

  8. This is painful.