Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CEO4Teens - Where'd Your Money Go?

So this past fall, many of you remember that we co-hosted an event with CEO4Teens: a non-profit organization that aims to help underprivileged teenagers and young adults afford an education. The event, "I'M CEO Back to School Benefit Party" raised over $2000, and started the year off on the right note. In case anyone was wondering where their ticket money went, here is an update. With that money, CEO4Teens has been able to offer 12 scholarships to teenagers in the Boston area in order to help them get their GED. Virtually all of the applications CEO4Teens received asked for help with the cost of taking the test, which is $65. This seemingly small amount of money is something the candidates simply can't afford. Recipients of the scholarships are generally unemployed, and face problems that range from past incarceration, to a history of substance abuse, to life as a single parent. And keep in mind, the average age of the student is 21 years old. Some of the students we've helped sponsor are still in the process of studying for the test, but out of the 12, 5 have passed the test, and are continuing on with their education. With their GED a couple of the students are heading to Bunker Hill Community College (How do you like 'dem apples). Bottom line, the scholarships are helping to create a foundation for these students to stand on despite being dealt a tough hand in life.

The rest of the funds will remain with CEO4Teens so that they can continue to award more scholarships throughout the spring and summer. We are well on our way to reaching our goal of providing 20 scholarships, so with this said, thank you. Thank you to all of our supporters who shelled out $10 for a ticket this past fall. That small amount undoubtedly contributed to one of the scholarships we were able to award, and with that you have helped change someone's (OUR AGE) life.

Lastly, new CEO4Teens hats are on their way for spring/marathon monday. They're $10, and of course, you can think of this $10 more as a donation since 100% percent of the profit goes right back to the organization. Might as well get a decent lid to go with your donation.


and learn a little bit more about the organization,

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