Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where Are They Now? - James "Boobie" Miles

This post doesn’t have a happy ending so if you’re emotionally invested in Boobie’s current state just give up now. When we last saw Boobie, he was going nowhere fast. He was a classic hometown hero who lost everything to a torn ACL – the “Mason Plumlee” of injuries. Shit hasn’t gotten much better for the former Panther. Mike Winchell certainly hasn’t “visited his distinguished ass in California” yet. Boobie ended up playing fullback at Ranger College for a year, but flunked out and never returned. He now has two kids who live in Midland with their mom. Boobie lives in Dallas and is out of work (according to wikipedia). In 2009 he was charged with aggravated assault after he beat his brother over the head with a beer bottle. So yeah, it’s been a tough go since the ACL tear. Fuck it though, Boobie’s a hero and forever will be. All he wanted to do was play football and he was damn good at it until the injury. Billy Bob's speech at halftime of the state championship is an underrated one in my opinion, especially when he brings Boobie into it. While his life hasn’t gone as planned, let's realize his accomplishments. He's had a movie made about him. For better or for worse, he's probably gotten with the majority of Midland, TX. And everything he did, he did with his Nikes. That dedication to steeze is the type that I'm obligated to support. Boobie can rest his head at night knowing that if he ever wants to give college football another go, he’s welcome here anytime.

High-School footage. No wonder he was getting letters from every major college:


  1. i feel like there's only one broston writer who's funny and it's this guy but he only writes every 2 weeks. for shame.