Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is the 16th Hole at the Phoenix Open Frat Heaven?

Sorry for neglecting the website the past week. I can't think of an excuse. Anyway, the Waste Management Open is this weekend and I would kill to be able to post up at the 16th hole all day. The course is by ASU and encourages fans to get loud. There is no better place to get an ace. That's a rough "woo" job at 7:43.

Jarrod Lyle aced one last year:



    didnt know he was a professional golfer

  2. Nick Barrett sucks.

  3. Nick Barrett sucks so hard

  4. Hey the first girl in that video who talks is a BC grad, class of 2010 named Sara Gogolak. She played golf at BC. Likes to party, Broston would endorse. Look her up.