Friday, February 10, 2012

His Airness

I would do disturbing, unforgivable things for MJ to be coming into the league as a rookie this year. I feel like I was too young to fully understand just how much of a God he was. If D-Rose and KD had a baby, then Kobe and LeBron had a baby, and then some how those babies met and had a baby, and then that baby was taught how to play basketball by Larry Bird at a young age and eventually coached by Brad Stevens and home-schooled by Jay Bilas, that would be the equivalent of Michael Jordan. 6 Finals MVP's in 6 tries. 5 league MVPs and a 10 time scoring champion. 11 time all NBA selection and 9 time all defensive selection. 2 Olympic gold medals and 2 slam dunk contest championships. The guy was in SpaceJam. At least we have youtube and can watch MJ clips for hours on end.

Did you know the Jordan brand grosses more profit than the whole country of Jordan?

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