Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Art Of A Short Song

There is something about shorter songs that just keeps you coming back for more. My definition of short is being in the 2:30 range with a standard deviation of cuello. It's nearly impossible to murder a short song and if you eventually do, it usually takes twice as long as a normal length song. In the ipod era it is much more common to switch the song before it is over because you aren't restricted to an 18 track CD but rather a library full of good chunes. To be frank, people just get sick of a song after listening to it for four minutes and hearing the same hook over and over again (exceptions include American Pie, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Stan (feat. Dido)) . Not short songs though. Nope. Short songs are ADDj proof. No one has the guts to change Collie Man before it's over. It's like committing a sin. If I worked for Chafe Records I would require my artists to come out with one short song per year. The world would be a better place with more short songs, I mean, who gets tired of seeing midgets?

Here are some of my favorite short songs, if I'm forgetting any, well, I'm forgetting them:


  1. "Earl" by Earl Sweatshirt is another perfect example. 2:27 of just straight fire. Just recently cracked the top 10 on my iTunes because I can never seem to change the song once he drops the first 4 bars

    1. ^that song is atrocious. your taste in music is abhorrent

  2. how can you mention collie man without closer to the sun??