Monday, January 23, 2012

A Word of Advice - Check Your Syllabus Thoroughly

Didn't know the sort of sadist my teacher was until today, and by golly that creautre wanted me chafed til the Armageddon. We never went over the syllabus in class on the day I was there (which should have been a telling sign) but I finally caught a glimpse of it today. This teacher is one of the professors who snuck in a 30 minute lesson on day one. Fuck those guys. That's a goddamn ambush. Anyway, teach assigned homework that's due tomorrow and just emailed the class a reminder telling us that the problems are on the syllabus. While I perused the syllabus my eyes caught a glimpse of something more vulgar than (I haven't been there personally, but a guy I know...). Three Friday tests, one of which is following arguably the best Thursday of the spring. Let's see here, opening round of the NCAA tournament and St. Patrick's day weekend, or a math test? If I were a bigger man I'd reply all and warn everyone to get the fuck away from this cannibal before it starts eating souls, but I'm gonna go quietly. Partially out of fear, and partially because while I hate this teacher's guts, I don't know if there's any sort of legal ramifications for blindly accusing cannibalism. Anyway, go and check your syllabi.


  1. hahahahah best post in a very long time

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