Wednesday, January 4, 2012

That One Cell Spot In Your House

I don't know about you, but whenever I go home for break I go into a haunted dead zone where cell service is rarer than a well played game by Mark Sanchez (I will hunt you down and kill you if you ever do something wrong to Kate Upton). I take for granted at school being able to have a full set of service bars (except in Lower Live) at mostly all times of the day and in turn always being reachable. When I go home however, it is the exact opposite. When I'm at home, no one can reach me via phone and everyone is too scared to call the house phone. Things would get started earlier in the day if everyone could just roll over in bed and send out a few breakfast/workout texts to get the day going. Instead, everyone tries to fight the boredom until they can't bear it no more. Then usually the captain of your group has made a power move and plans start to roll in action.

Everyone knows though that there is one spot in your house where you have a statistically better chance to receive a text or call. That one spot is never in a convenient space, no, for some reason the cell wavelengths decided to work in a place where no human life would survive. When friends come over, that spot usually looks like tortoise mating season. Some phones are stacked on top of each other. Others are propped up against a window to get higher in the sky. When one text goes off, everyones heart drops hoping it was them that got the text and even being greedier sometimes and praying it was a text from a chick. The video games pause and the truth is revealed. If you have a girlfriend to text, don't bother putting it up there unless you want the whole crowd reading it. The moral of the story is, every place in a home should have service by now.


  1. did the intern write this....

  2. "the captain of your group"... what a flaming post