Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fratsby's Playoff Predictions

New Orleans at San Francisco (+4): New Orleans has been my Super Bowl pick for a while but they're a different team on the road. SF's defense is nasty but as good as they may be it's still tough to slow Brees. The game will come down to San Francisco's offense and the tiny hands of Alex Smith. I don't have it in me to pick against the Niners. 28-27, SF.

Houston (+9) at Baltimore: My guess is that Baltimore will win but not cover. The Texans are better than people give them credit for. T.J. Yates isn't amazing but he's not terrible either. Their run game will keep them going on offense and their defense is pretty stingy. It'll come down to how well Flacco plays. 25-17, Baltimore. And yes, these 2 picks mean we are one step closer to a Harbaugh Super Bowl.

Giants (+9) at Green Bay: New York won't lose by 9 but they are going to lose. Peyton's brother is not going to outdo Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau. No shot. The Packer defense is nothing to write home about (and by that I mean worst in the league) but it clearly has not been much of an issue thanks to their aerial attack (same goes for the team who's second to last on that list). I'm just waiting for the shot of Eli on the sidelines staring off into space with his mouth hanging open while Rodgers puts on a clinic. 30-24, Pack.

Tebows (+14) at New England: If not for last week's performance by Denver, logic might make it seem like the Pats could win this by 25. The thing is, last week did in fact happen and only an idiot would now bet against He Who Must Not Be Named. The story of the game, as it has been all season, is New England's swiss cheese secondary. Last week Pittsburgh assumed they couldn't be harmed by Tebow's arm so they loaded the box to defend the run. Tebow threw for 316. If New England can keep him in the sub 250 range Brady should take care of the rest. Pats, 32-21. If the Pats lose cue the talk of them trading up for Tyrann Mathieu in April.


  1. hahaha you really need to stop writing about sports. mathieu is only a sophomore and cant enter the draft. broston sports is a joke

  2. Sports Reporters sucks

  3. I think that Baltimore will definitely cover and the Giants will win! They almost did last time and now they are healthy.

  4. i think you mean morris claiborne not mathieu

  5. Sports Reporters is awesome. Their Sandusky coverage was wall to wall.