Thursday, January 26, 2012

Farewell Add/Drop

I bid you adieu add/drop period. Your gratitude will not soon be forgotten as chafes officially begin today. I hate to take advantage of you sometimes but you are just so innocent. Most peoples "add/drop" week class attendance is similar to Craig Counsel's batting average from last year. So what if you drop a once a weeker only to add it back 3 hours later, everything is fair game during this grace period. It is a great time to be a college student and a horrible time to be a Cleveland Circle (aka our own little Times Square) bouncer. It is a time of risk taking and a time of regret. You can hinge on the word of others or you can go check out teach yourself. I've heard many great tales during add/drop. Tales of kids changing all 5 classes at the buzzer. Tales of rock, paper, scissors determining the last spot in an easy A class between two friends. BC UIS is a fickle beast but the aura of add/drop seems to squander my hated for the 1964 interface. I wonder how many syllabi end up in the trash during this week? (Bovada has the over/under at 372) I hope one day add/drop period is made into a national holiday.


  1. im liking the recent trend of posts about bc, keep em coming

  2. I agree with Anonymous.

  3. "Tales of kids changing all 5 classes at the buzzer"

    I don't attend BC, but have pulled that move with 5 hrs left in drop/add.
    And solid call on the picture