Monday, December 5, 2011

Where Are They Now? - Kia Shine

Not only is "Krispy" the song that automatically plays in my head when I see the O'Neill security guard trudging around, it was the club-banger to end all club-bangers a few years back. Kia Shine was poised to take over the rap game and then all of a sudden it was as if he was kidnapped. I never heard from him again. What would rap be like today if Kia was still around? I know the sample size is small (1 song) but this guy makes nothing but absolute hits. Kia...if you're out there, get back in the studio. For your sake and mine.


  1. You should check out these videos that followed So krispy: WOW, Checkin My Fresh, Newmonia and Dedication. Also check out these releases on Itunes. The Kush Ep ,The Alarm Clock Theory,abd the maxi single Dreadz which features Tpain and Tity Boi aka 2chainz. Fyi Kia Shine has a co writer credit on Drake's hit "best i ever had". His twitter is @therealkiashine. Follow him if you dig him he is very much active