Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What The Plumlees Don't Want You To Know...

We chased Singler off to Spain. I'm sure these three goons will do in his absence.

The Plumlees wash their hands thoroughly every time they leave the MA's bathroom.
The Plumlees shut down their computers daily.
The Plumlees are BC's offensive coordinators.
The Plumlees got written up for having a keg of O'Doul's in the mods.
The Plumlees still use the word "nunya."
The Plumlees fax their order to Chipotle.
Mason Plumlee's only walk of shame came from Miles Plumlee's room.
The Plumlees look up to Kyle Singler.
The Plumlees read the instructions for every video game before they play.
The Plumlees think Wade Boggs drinks too much.
The Plumlees love when their desktop is really cluttered.
The Plumlees each bought a FIAT because they liked Kyle Singler's Nissan Leaf.
The Plumlees hope Tim Tebow goes to hell.
The Plumlees bet their life savings that Montee Ball will win the Heisman.
The Plumlees refuse to wear deodorant.
The Plumlees keep their shirts on when they go in the water.
The Plumlees skipped Prom Night because they were too nervous to ask a chick.
The Plumlees think Jack and Jill is Adam Sandler's best piece of work.
The Plumlees got matching tattoos of Skip Bayliss' face on their groins.
The Plumlees once got beat up by the Three Ninjas.
The Plumlees answer "maybe" to every Facebook invite they're invited to.
The Plumlees complained about our HerCampus article.
The Plumlees only share study guides and old tests with each other.
The Plumlees went to BC Homecoming.
The Plumlees can't stand "Levels".
The Plumlees' favorite college basketball team is UConn Women.
The Plumlees refused to watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
The Plumlees frequently try to 4 way kiss with girls when they black out.
The Plumlees always write 11 pages for 8-10 page papers.
The Plumlees conceal hickeys with turtlenecks.
The Plumlees were disappointed to see Tiger win again.
The Plumlees only have one BBM group (yes, they have Blackberry Pearls). It's with each other.
The Plumlees hate chicken noodle soup.
The Plumlees stopped watching Entourage after Season 1.
The Plumlees feel bad stealing a sip at the soda fountain.
The Plumlees refuse to invite underclassmen girls to their parties.
The Plumlees prefer Hillside's Mediterranean Humus to the Baja Chicken.
The Plumlees least favorite college basketball analyst is Jay Bilas.
The Plumlees flew to Notre Dame.
The Plumlees wear coats and ties to class presentations that don't require them.
The Plumlees' favorite "Lion King" Character is Scar.
The Plumlees like "The Office" better without Steve Carell.
The Plumlees ask questions when class is trying to end.
The Plumlees prefer benching each other to going to the gym.


  1. I'm not machine I'm albertDecember 7, 2011 at 7:46 AM

    Good list, except for the homecoming bit. Kap Slap was sick, better than your shitbox at royale

  2. Some good ones but mostly weak.

  3. 4 way kiss is classic

  4. The staffers of Broston College are known to wear cargo shorts

  5. one of the best posts done on this site

  6. Bayless**

    that's just lazy.