Friday, December 16, 2011

They're Baaacccckkkk

The ACC just gave some good news to the BC football team about next year. Let's be honest here, there isn't much optimism going on around campus about the squad, but this news certainly starts next season off in the right direction. Montel Harris, Kaleb Ramsey, Ifeanyi Momah, Cj Jones, and Connor Wujciak all received medical hardship waivers, granting them an extra year of eligibility. In case you were wondering (you never know), the ACC also granted Jose Estevez of the cross-country team a medical hardship waiver. Don't know why this was included in the same article but I'm pumped about it.
This is huge. Look at the names on this list. To refresh your Shay-hazy memories, Ifeanyi Momah played like Moses in our game against Northwestern before tearing a ligament in his knee. Momah is 6'6 and a freak athlete. Kaleb Ramsey is a solid defensive tackle with experience. Ramsey led our D-Line in tackles two seasons ago. He didn't lead our team though. Kucehly did. Wujciak was a four-star recruit on rivals, which is basically as good as it gets for BC other than Kuechly. Kuechly if you're reading this please stay. Cj Jones was poised to have a big year until he went down in the Northwestern game as well. Montel just does all ill types of shit out there on the gridiron. Best to tear up Alumni since Willie Green (to the kid who rocks a Willie Green Browns jersey on gamedays: we see you, and we appreciate you).

In an off-season that started with worry that a 4-8 campaign would cause recruits to back out, here's some good news that will keep my head up and give me hope that there is something to do between Shea parties on Saturdays in the fall.

Jose Estevez's personal record in the mile is 4:20. Fratty.

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