Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plex Rival

Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean most times) I forget just how big this school really is. Because of that fact, the student body is able to provide some 'grade A' competition at the Plex at a pretty consistent rate. I'm hoping the pick-up basketball scene takes off next semester with the resurgence of the NBA (Heat over Lakers (pending Chris Paul OR Dwight Howard to the Lakers)) and the ever approaching March Madness bug.* But it's not always fun and games when you get on those miniature basketball courts. There's a lot of hatred that gets tossed around the gym and I've seen my fair share of brawls. Everyone has a plex rival. The main difference between a plex rival and an NBA rival is the plex rivalry usually stems from issues off the court. Most of the rivalries are born in a bar and almost all revolve around a common chick. You duke it out on the court trying to impose your alpha male mentality through 3-pt goggles, and1 finishes, and the I-think-I-look-like-Ginobili-but-I-don't-at-all-Euro Step. It truly is a shame that the ellipticals and treadmills aren't strategically placed above the bball courts for the girls to see what's really going on when the sun is up. You have to love to win but you also have to hate to lose, especially when you're playing your rival. The sad thing is, most rivalries only go one way. Heck, half the time you don't even know the other kid's name. So does that mean it's not a rivalry? Maybe. But for the most part that just means there wont be an ESPN film on you two anytime in the near future. Rivalries are what you make of them.

*The Butler Bulldogs are 1000/1 odds to win it all. Is that a joke? Brad Stevens will have that squad in the national championship in New Orleans come April 1st without a doubt. If he does then I'm fairly certain he will be the next President of the United States.


  1. This is so accurate and well written that it makes me cringe thinking about the pussies that took my team out of the playoffs this week...cant win em all, but this is definitely well done.

  2. all im saying is the old black guy who always wears a bandana should be a bro you should know.

  3. First commenter is the man! You guys were so much better than those pussies!