Friday, December 30, 2011

A Little Commencement Speaker Chatter

I'm not sure when BC announces who the commencement speaker is but I've heard some pretty interesting ideas as to who it could be. While Boggs could certainly provide us all with a wealth of knowledge and Milwaukee's Best, I don't know if the faculty would go for that one.

As for some more realistic options, I'll throw out a few names.

Barney Frank - other than the whole being-gay-and-jewish thing, the Congressman would be a good fit for BC as he is one of the funniest people in politics and is about to retire.

Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers was the first leisure book I've finished since the Harry Potter book where Cedric Diggory dies and I'm sure Gladwell could make us all think about the world differently for at least 20 minutes.

Bill Clinton - Being a democrat and the shitload of charity work he's done would sit well with the Jesuits but I don't see us roping in a name this big.

Robert Kraft - Big name in the sports world that has donated to BC in the past and also done a lot of charity work who I'm sure would have plenty to talk about given the recent death of his wife. Overall not the best public speaker though.

Jerry York - God I hope BC doesn't pull something like this on us.

Dennis Lehane - Boston area writer who wrote Shutter Island, Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone as well as a few episodes on The Wire.

Amy Poehler - BC grad who gave Harvard's commencement last year. Would definitely be entertaining.

Marquis Daniels - Role model for many in the Boston community, heard he's a profound speaker.

Who am I forgetting?


  1. Marquis Daniels too funny

  2. Chris Herren- tours the country telling his life story that includes doing drugs at BC.

  3. not really sure where to start with all the stuff that is wrong here.

    i guess i'll start with the fact that amy poehler wasn't the commencement speaker at harvard last year. she was the class day speaker.

    also, bobby kraft, a former BC trustee (not just a "donor") gave the commencement speech at my Belmont Hill graduation. doesn't seem like a great get for BC.

  4. ^easy, tough guy

    don't worry broston, the rest of us still knew which poehler and kraft you meant despite the completely misinformed and horribly incorrect identifications

  5. matt leinart or bill romanowski

  6. nobody? nobody saying bob costas or the boss bruce springsteen? costas's daughter and springsteen's kid are 2012, so i could see either of those