Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finals Week: Scrubs Claiming Rooms

Why not just draw a big middle finger? I've been taking finals for the past 4 years here and I don't think I can remember people ever doing this in the past. What gives? If the room really is "taken" which I would assume means there is a group discussion going on, would it really have wrecked your concentration that badly for me to open the door, pop my head in, and leave after seeing that the room was full? Well, judging by these notes I guess the answer is yes, in which case I highly suggest a pair of noise-canceling headphones and a heavy, heavy ritalin prescription. Side note - If I walk into a "claimed" room and don't find a group discussion but instead find two girls giggling over Parks and Recs clips I will go apeshit. I'm talking Artest in the Palace of Auburn Hills apeshit.

But seriously, this is pretty ridiculous. What would have happened if I got to Devlin 008 this morning and put a "Taken" sign on the door? Would I have gotten all 300 seats? Just like that? Fuck your signs. This isn't a game of Risk. I know finals week brings out the animal in every nerd on campus, so if you're gonna be an animal, do as they do. You want the room that bad, you pee on the door. Both sides. That's how to get me to not walk in.