Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Bro You Should Know - Charles Haley

Charles Haley got mentioned a few times in last night's game because Aldon Smith of the 49ers broke his single-season sack record for a rookie. I did a little research on this dude and found two main bullet points: he is the only person to have won 5 Super Bowls and he's a crazy motherfucker.

Towards the end of this clip you'll hear him tell Troy Aikman something along the lines of, "Troy, if I hit yo momma with my dick and rub my dick on ya, just call you my bitch." Don't quote me on that. When Michael Irvin says "he was crazy...fa real" and giggles like that I feel like he's thinking of some absolutely absurd things he's seen Haley do that he would never be able to mention on the NFL Network. Ignore the guy's comments in the background and pay special attention to Ken Norton's cowboy hat.


  1. Totally unrelated, but y'all should plug the Barstool Blackout tour date competition. BC, BU, and CoF are competing for a spot on the tour and we need people to attend the Facebook group to win.


  2. 7:02 PM - that's a joke, right?