Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top 500 Feelings - #444 Popping An Air Bubble In Your Bathing Suit

Ahhhh, how our eyes light up with joy as we see our bathing suit begin to balloon. Your butt is sitting on a seat in the hot tub yet part of your bathing suit remains floating above water, with an appearance that resembles a perfect left breast. You let it sit for a while, hoping it will grow as more and more air enters. Part of you doesn't even want to squeeze it, but you know that if you don't then someone else will. I don't quite know the science behind the bathing suit bubble so most of the time I just attribute it to magic, David Blaine. Some bathing suits were meant for the bubble. Others can't find the day of light. On a rare occasion when you walk into the shallow end of a pool slowly, your whole bathing suit will float above water. You glide around the pool showing off your badonkadonk before you must part ways and become a mere mortal again. The day I stop being amused by rupturing bathing suit air bubbles is the day Stevie Williams caddies for Tiger again.

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