Tuesday, November 1, 2011

College Basketball's Cockiest Freshman

Austin Rivers is Duke’s bluest chip. Doc’s son will be a lottery pick in next year’s NBA draft and deserves to be. Tons o' game. According to many, he's also the biggest basketball douche to step foot on campus since a certain white, alcoholic, shoot-from-anywhere #4 stalked the halls of Cameron Indoor (and Duke sororities). Grantland’s Shane Ryan writes, “You thought Redick was bad? Austin Rivers is everything that people accused J.J. Redick of being. He's the uber-Redick, the Duke stereotype blown into bogeyman proportions. This is the chosen one, slouching toward Durham, that the enemies have been awaiting.” They’ve already dubbed him “Austintatious” in Durham, his on-court arrogance and swagger is off the charts, and he’s apparently the type of complainer that has never committed a foul in his basketball playing career. Did I mention he’s wearing #0? Ready to hate yet?

“Ima go off. Ima go off right now.”

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  1. He has every right to be cocky. He will be the best player in the country this year. He is 1 million times better than Reddick was.