Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chafe - Doing Homework After Your Football Team Loses

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that losing on Sunday can ruin the week ahead. Sportscenter becomes the anti-christ (aka Kyle Singler (soon to be the Plumlees)) as they continually rerun highlights of your teams defeat and proceed to question your team's playoff chances. Mark Schlereth, shut the fuck up. No one cares what you have to say about the NFL with your often contradictory statements and your cocky charisma. I got news for you buddy, Terrell Davis and John Elway would have won superbowls without you. You were nothing more than a product of a Mike Shanahan zone blocking scheme. Get over yourself and don't talk about my favorite team anymore. The only thing that makes a Sunday loss worse is when you lose and then have to write a 6 page philosophy paper that you decided to put off until Sunday afternoon. But after having to watch your fantasy squad play during the 1 and 4 O'Clock games, you didn't have time to get around to it before your lovers played Sunday night. If they lose that game you can kiss your good grade on that paper goodbye (unless you have someone's from a previous year). I wish I could write at the top of my paper before I hand it in, "my football team lost," so the teacher understands the poor quality of work/effort. It's like losing part of your soul. The toughest time after a loss is the first 24 hours, when you replay every down in your head and think what could have been if Painter completed that 3rd and short in the red zone. Half the time after a loss (especially a tough one) I don't even get around to writing the paper and instead I wake up early to grind. With all the emotion and time we put into Sundays during the fall, no teacher should be allowed to have anything due on Mondays.

note: I love when Tony Romo loses


  1. Truer words were never written. This shit is why I read Broston.

  2. win or lose, i'm rarely doing homework after my team plays on Sunday. The only chance is if its a 1 oclock game. Anything 4 or after, I'm checking out for the day