Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby Chafe - A Broken Wheel On A Shopping Cart

How exactly do you break a wheel on a shopping cart? For the most part they don't ever leave the smooth surface of the store and they almost never experience any contact. But when one wheel goes astray then the whole cart becomes a nuisance. You never again get the pure performance out of the cart that performed so well for so long. It's a lot like tearing an ACL. It might still be able to run straight but the turning and cutting just isn't the same. Half the time you don't even realize you have a dud until it's too late and you've already filled your cart with snacks on snacks on snacks for your elite 8 pantry. The other half you just feel you can push through it and have a good shopping day regardless of the fact that your pushing around an over the hill cart. If I'm concentrating on the wheel then I'm not concentrating on all the goodies to the left and right of me. I think all the broken shopping carts should be donated to the Mod Can Lady. Think of the damage she could do with more than one cart.

1 comment:

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