Friday, October 14, 2011

A Word of Advice - Entertain Yourself While YouTube Figures it Out

This tip came up in one of my classes and I thought it was too random to not pass along. When YouTube is buffering, press an arrow key and you immediately start playing a game of snake. There a few obvious facts that make this word of advice painfully irrelevant: 1. Wi-Fi at and around BC is usually nothing short of phenomenal, so YouTube rarely struggles to load. 2. Snake was the best game available on cell-phones back in the '90's, there are other better games available to us now. However, if you hate college and are abroad somewhere where our internet speed of the '90s went, or you just want to pay some homage to the game that passed many car-rides circa fourth grade, the opportunity has presented itself.


  1. if you really really feel like playing snake on youtube if you pause a video then press down arrow and right arrow at the same time the game automatically starts up

  2. does this work with youjizz too?

  3. Interesting !