Saturday, October 29, 2011

Toss Up!

Been too long since we've played. If anyone has seen Jenkems, please bring him home. We're worried sick about him. We will thank you with Natty's. Here we go:

Legolas or Aragorn?
Zip-up hoodie or regular hoodie?
Clinch a pennant or date Erin Andrews for 2 months and have sleep-overs with her?
Have a boil on your face or always walk around with tuna in your pocket?
Jo-Jo or no?
No Eagle's Deli or no Ana in Eagle's Nest? (God bless our souls)
Lose an absolute heart-breaker or lose by a landslide?
Darth Vadar or Scut Farkus?
Busch Heavy or Natty Ice?
Venus or Serena Williams?
Contract malaria or marry Rosie O'Donnell?
Reese's or Reese's Pieces?
Jack Nicholson or Meg Ryan?
Be an RA or a cop?
Start wrinkling or balding?
Get rocked by Ray Lewis every morning when you get out of bed or pee the bed every night you sleep with a chick?
Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios?
Candy Corn or AIDS?
Be the best basketball player in the world or the best football player in the world?
Go 1-11 with our only win coming against Notre Dame or go 6-6 and get wrecked by ND?
Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith?

Deuce Finch is playing like a hero right now on NESN.


  1. cheerios vs. honey nut cheerios is the dumbest toss-up i've ever heard

  2. Vader, and that one is absurd. Darth Vader fucking destroyed a planet and had an entire imperial squadron at his command. Scut Farkus was a classic 50s douche who beat up nine year olds.

    Some of the others are solid, though.

  3. Yes to Bellatrix, she's gotta be a freak in bed.

  4. "Get rocked by Ray Lewis every morning when you get out of bed or pee the bed every night you sleep with a chick?"

    You could assemble descartes, plato, aristotle, socrates and todd mcchay in a room and still not come up with a conclusive answer. fuck my ass broston, i was gonna party tonight but now i Just feel like my head is gonna explode.

  5. will you guys stop talking about ana? the line in eagles is bad enough as it is

  6. deuce is killin it

  7. Funyuns or real onion rings?