Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Spanish Grind

First of all, fuck you weasels who schemed out of a language requirement on a count of ADD or some other make believe, makes-it-rain-adderall condition. And yes, the source of my anger is pure jealousy. These days, there is literally no better tool to have on your belt than a mild learning disability, so touché to those of you lucky enough.

Intermediate Spanish is without an ounce of doubt the worst part of my senior year. I took elementary at BC as a sophomore and then I took a year off, which in hindsight was a bad idea. You could say that I’m back to square one. You could also say I’m staring a C+ (by doing C- work) dead in the eye. The only things you’re going to hear out of my mouth in an Intermediate Spanish class are, “I have no idea what you’re saying,” or “Puedo ir al baño?” which is “Can I go to the bathroom?” Will that lead to a low attendance score that counts for 20% of our final grade? My guess is yes.

There is homework due every class, most of which you’re given the answers to and expected to correct yourself in a different color ink. The chafe here is that cheating this system by looking up the answers and pretending to have made mistakes ends up being more difficult than just doing the work like you’re supposed to (not really, but it’s close). In class we’re forced to engage in one-on-one conversations with a compañero (in the form of a random Freshman or Sophomore who speaks Spanish really well) for excruciating periods of time. These little chats consistently turn in to some of the most awkward classroom interactions out there. On top of it all, quizzes/tests are departmental and religiously handed back, so getting your paws on old ones is out of the question.

The (not so) Intermediate Spanish mind fuck is starting to get the better of me and will only continue to do so. Just going to have to survive it. Three classes a week, 50 minutes a class, this semester and next, with only and Eagle's Nest Ana to lean on for help.


  1. Took Intermediate Italian last year as a junior. You just need to ally yourselves with like-minded people who couldn't give a fuck about the material as well, and you'll survive. 20% is a huge help too. Just show up.

  2. This is such a true post. That class was brutal. I took it pass-fail ASAP

  3. new writer? good idea got killed

  4. Get someboy totake the SAT 2 for you, did it a couple of times for my buddies

  5. school of money doesnt need that shit