Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paul Konerko Was Almost Hired as Player-Manager

Apparently, Ken Williams approached owner Jerry Reinsdorf with two lists for a possible replacement of their traded manager Ozzie Guillen. The first list, option A, featured several names of guys with managerial experience. The second list featured two names: Robin Ventura and Paul Konerko, neither of whom have any managerial experience. Obviously the White Sox went with Ventura, leaving us all with nothing to do but allude to Jackie Moon and think about what could have been. From a baseball standpoint, Konerko probably doesn't make much sense (and neither does Ventura in my opinion). Additionally, Konerko didn't really want this. But for entertainment purposes, why didn't they give him the job? Pauly's been the offense for the White Sox, especially as of late. He's hit slumps, but the consensus has been that he's a hero.
I could just imagine John Danks giving up a walk to load the bases and having Konerko run over to the mound, take the ball from Danks, call in a reliever, then trot back to first base. Konerko is already one solid play-off run away from getting a statue outside of U.S. Cellular, so if he did manage this team and took them on a miraculous run to the postseason, the 20% of Chicago who care about the White Sox would be starting a new religion.

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