Tuesday, October 4, 2011

iPhone 5!!!

Nah, actually Steve Jobs is just fucking with you. It's the 4S. Why not just call it the 5? It's beyond me.

Don't know what to make about this "Siri" feature (see video). Obviously Apple had to go with a weird name for this, I expected much weirder after they released an operating system called Snow Leopard. With Siri, basically you just tell your phone to do shit and it does it. Don't know how much I would use that feature... maybe a "find my tin" or "remind me to tweet about the legend who works for BC Facilities with the massive red beard" here and there but not much else. I might not use it, but you know who would? Blind people, that's who. Apple's got that demographic on lock and lets the world know about it at the end of the video. You think Ray Charles in the background was a coincidence?

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