Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chafe - Ignacio Doors

I just don't see the logic in these doors. If someone is walking out of the hallway into the stairwell, in order to open the door they have to block the stairwell, so they have to wait for the door to close in order to continue downstairs. If there are people walking up the stairs, then there's an even bigger problem. There is literally a six-inch space between the door and the stairs when the door is open. That simply is not enough. I'm no genius, but shouldn't the door open into the hallway, which is much wider and longer? If you're walking into the hallway, it's a tough to open the door without looking like a complete idiot. Regardless of which way you're coming from, you're going to be delayed by the doors. Move-in day in Iggy must be a war scene. People must get hurt/seriously discouraged by doors this stupid. Stokes workers should stop what they're doing for 3 hours, fix these doors, then resume because this isn't working.

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