Friday, October 14, 2011

A Bro You Should Know - Teemu Selanne

If you don't know who Teemu Selanne is, you're dead to me. I was watching a game the other day and heard his name and assumed they were talking about one of his great games from the 80's. No. Selanne is still fucking skating. To give you an idea of how old he is, he was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets 7 years before they shut down in 1995. And he's still tearing it up. He was 8th on total points in the NHL last year, not to mention netting 6 playoff goals in 6 postseason games.

You may not know that Teemu, 41, taught kindergarten for 3 years in Finland before coming to the NHL. You also probably don't know that he is one of 400 people on the planet that own Ferrari Enzo's. Chill. In his free time, Selanne has entered WRC rallycar events, where he races under the fake name "Teukka Salama", which translates to "Tommy Lightning." And yes, he was once voted the sexiest man in Finland. Thanks wikipedia. Teemu has 3 kids: Eemil, Eetu, and Leevi. Much like his own parents, clearly Teemu is a big fan of vowels. If that's not enough, check this for a fucking celly (from when we were 3 years old).

P.S. Is this Hotter Mom poll the best we've ever had? Neck and neck right now.


  1. bout time theres something entertaining on here

  2. Epic celebration. World class stuff

  3. temu selanne= tony cuneo on steroids