Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best Room on Campus

This has to be the best classroom on campus by far, and (pending any masterpieces in Stokes) it should remain that way for a long time. Gasson workers must have had their fair share of Adderall on them this summer because not only did they finish the outside of the building, they also made this. They furnished this room with a procrastination-friendly ceiling that includes six speeches (all in different languages), portraits, and then they put names of past graduates on the front wall. It looks like a goddamn cathedral in here. I came in here looking to study, now I just want world peace. Compare this to some of the basement rooms in Carney and you're talking about a gap analogous to SEC vs. A10 football. This room has to be one of Kiper's best available rooms come study days. There's only one table in here right now, but it's definitely got the intangibles. If I had a class in here that allowed computers, I think I could walk out of next semester fluent in Latin and Ancient Greek. Gasson 305, I am not alone in thinking you make Fulton 511 look like a brothel.


  1. It's not new, it's been there, just like that for decades

  2. ^had a review session in there freshman year and been in there again this year. It's definitely been revamped, but it was there before construction.

  3. It's been like that for a while and the people's names on the wall are the winners of the Fulton Debating society for each year. It's definitely a sick room though I had Rivers in there and by the end could recite the Latin speech on the ceiling.