Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where Are They Now? - This Sound

This sound got me going back in the 3rd grade era. It only meant a couple things: I was either about to have interaction with my "gf" for the first time in a couple days (even though she was in my class) or I was about to draw up the weekly plans with my crew to ditch Micah or Noah after school the following day. Mom needed to use the phone? That could wait, this couldn't. Whenever I heard the beeping (circa 0:13 in the video) I'd know I was almost there. Quick check of the friends online (they were all on there because it was pre-coordinated), scope out the girls' profiles, filled with their friends initials and hearts, edit my profile (Screenname: baseballfanatic3426157 Age: old enough Sex: Good), then it was time to get it going. This sound brings me back.

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  1. This post was excessively flaming.