Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 5 - Inventions of Our Generation

according to Lieutenant Jenkems:

i. iPhone

I'd be lying to myself if I didn't slot this baby in at number 1. The iFresh is the most used tool I've seen in the past 10 years. It solves any argument (sports/chicks) where both parties are too stubborn and need statistical evidence to support their drunken epiphany rants.

2. This thing (pin impression toy)

Tell me the last time you've seen one of these laying around in your reach and didn't play with it for even a second. It feels good, looks fresh and absolutely has your full attention for at least a minute. The guy that invented this makes the post-it note guy look like a nobody. I cant remember the last basement I hung out in that didn't have one laying around. Kudos to the innovator that saw this vision.


A game that says a lot about your character. Hierarchies are relevant in the game of ones and friendships are born in the game of twos. Kids get more serious playing this game than they do filling out tax forms. There aren't that many better feelings out there then heartbreaking a kid in the 120' to avenge a rough loss from the night before when your friend has been chirping like Albert McChirpenville (what?).

4. Chaco Taco

'Nuff said

5. Sparknotes

The savior of time. The savior of stress. The savior of life. Sparknotes revolutionized the game and middle school teachers haven't been able to adjust ever since. The summarization's are getting better and they are prepping us for any curveballs a pop quiz would throw at us. Its scary to think what I would get for some of the sites that make you pay 5 bucks a month (I'm looking at you kid who did it one time in a desperate attempt).