Monday, September 19, 2011

Let's Ask the Question That Must Be Asked

Will football win one game this year?

If they don't win this weekend, I don't see them winning at all. And don't look now, but UMass is 2-0. Sure, they beat Holy Cross and URI, but we scored 3 points against UCF so... Hopefully the home field advantage gained by the nationally unparalleled rowdiness of the Superfans will help us bring home a W.

Let's talk about the Duke Incident. Many will be quick to point fingers at Nate Freese (understandably) but Freese is actually a very talented kicker who, believe it or not, has a chance to be playing on Sundays in the future (yeah I just said that). Granted, Freese missed a tap-in from 23, but all kickers have horrible flubs in their careers. The Cowboys' Dan Bailey missed a 21-yarder this weekend, and though very rare, PATs will get missed in the NFL from time to time. More importantly, as The Heights' Paul Sulzer pointed out, the kick should have never been taken from such a horrible angle. BC was already on the left side of the field and yet they proceeded to run the ball to the left again. Why not run to the right to center the ball and not leave Freese with an extremely diagonal kick? Almost as tough as trying to bank in a jumpshot from the baseline. It's weird that losing gets me more fired up about BC football then winning does.

While I thought Sulzer's article was really on point, I could not be more opposed to Matt Belnap's plea for more dedicated fans. This completely unrealistic plan, which essentially asked the student body to spontaneously and immediately feign excitement about our team, is completely flawed. Winning produces fans, not the other way around. Proposals like Belnap's seem to come up at BC every year. It's not like everybody and their mother doesn't already know that better crowds will help recruiting, pump more energy into the stadium, etc. The thing is, at other schools, kids are genuinely really pumped for the games themselves and their Saturdays are made or broken by the result of the game. At BC, after a win or loss, the atmosphere on campus doesn't change at all. Blame it on our academic excellence (read: nerdy student body). Blame it on the school's rigid drinking policies (if we could tailgate on Shea all day and not just for 2-3 hours people would be more inclined to go into the game on time, and thus be more liquored up and louder). Blame it on us having no hope of reaching a legit bowl since a certain Falcon got drafted. Don't get me wrong, I would love nothing more than for Alumni to be the loudest stadium in the ACC. The fact is, it can't just happen overnight. If Spaz and Co do their job right it will give us a reason to give a shit. Until then catch me on Shea til the boys in blue ask for my Eagle ID.


  1. pretty much sums it up, well said

  2. the last paragraph has been needed to be said publicly for about 4 years

  3. good post for once


  5. agreed with the view on the belnap article. The other thing people forget is how ridiculously expensive student tickets are compared to other D-I schools. Yeah, they probably make more money with the prices as they are, but man, I'm not shelling out 130 for a fucking season's worth of mediocrity on the grid iron.

  6. Going to BC is a great experience but BC as an institution is fucking terrible. Everything they do is money-grubbing.

    Duke has the #1 basketball program in the country and tickets are free. Students camp out two weeks before winter break ends to get tickets for games in February. That's dedication and that's how you get good fans. BC makes being a fan an matter of money- not passion. When you tell somebody from another ACC that you have to fork over over a hundred bucks to get season football tickets they laugh in your face. Damn it BC.