Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Perimeter Weeks of Summer

Well scumbags, we've almost made it. The internship grind is over, leaving us with nothing but a bitter taste of what the apocalypse (graduation) has in store for us. The post-internship/pre-syllabus week period is a meager time. Most local friends are starting to ship back to their degenerate schools, leaving the last of us back home with nothing to do but wait for the return to the heights. Before that return, I'll spend my time going out to lunch and dinner with relatives to whom I have nothing to say, doing sudokus, and being hassled by my mom about various things. I hate when she asks me when the last time I went to church was. "What the hell, mom? You were there, don't you remember? Christmas." Oh well, the beginning is in sight. Stay low, keep those feet moving. See you back in the fratmosphere. Countdown to the grand opening of Chay Field: 18 days. Time to start tapering.

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