Monday, August 22, 2011

Chafe - Preseason Injuries

Preseason is a time for me to build up an unreasonable amount of hope in all my teams. I chalk up all preseason mistakes to "oh, he's just a little rusty" or "once they get their chemistry together, we'll be fine." Athletes don't get rusty and fuck chemistry. It's an optimistic time of year, the time before your team goes and shoots themselves in the leg. Preseason is not the time where you're looking forward to next year's draft, at least not until your roster gets depleted with injuries. Monday night the Giants were chafed with the season-ending injury of Terrell Thomas. For those of you keeping score at home, that's the fourth injury to the Giants secondary. Fuck me sideways with a lunchbox (Side-note: why do I like watching ACL injuries? Is something wrong with me?). Danny Woodhead is still feeling the effects of this hit from his most recent preseason schrimmage, but he'll be back out there next week giving hope to the unlikely athletes among us. At least Herzlich got his interception, and his spin-move after was something that can only be learned in a mod.


  1. giants hahahaha like you guys were going anywhere this year anyway

  2. fuck you and fuck the eagles and their 0 super bowls