Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bryce Harper Gets Tossed

Can't help but feeling he did this to put out a tough-guy persona. He clearly knew it was a strike - didn't drop the bat as he was walking, took 6-year-old fat kid trudges toward first. Sick helmet spike you clown. And if you're gonna get in the ump's face it has to be the first thing you do. You can't ease up to him step by step. Come on, a little etiquette please. This video peaks with the strikeout call though, sweet Jesus those are some pipes the ump has.



  2. so whered your bostonly advice letter go? was it too real and you took it down for administration? that's the perfect thing this wesbite can be used for, as incoming students need to get the basic facts tossed at them, like you so eloquently did. if you took it down in fear of BC admin, shame on you Broston. guess you werent that brave after all...