Monday, July 25, 2011

Entourage Reactions

This might just be me feeling guilty for never posting but I thought I'd share a few thoughts on last night's Season 8 opener.

- I hate seeing Ari down in the dumps. I know, after so many seasons, the producers want to show us what the "human being" side of Ari is like, but his rants on Lloyd and masterful use of stereotypes is what got me watching this show in the first place.

- Never thought I'd say this but Mrs. Ari wasn't looking great last night. I laugh every time I remember she is never actually given a name in the series, just Mrs. Ari. Ten bucks says in one of the last episodes Ari has an emotional apology/confession of love to her where he calls her by her real name. You heard that here first. If people wanna start a pool on what her real name is I'm thinking Jennifer, Miranda, or perhaps even a Sandra.

- This just in: E's still a bitch. As much as I despise Scott Lavin, I feel like what he says to E would be somewhat similar to what I would say to him. Can he just pump that British assistant and get it over with?

- I'm still bummed the whole NFL-team-to-L.A. thing didn't happen. That would have skyrocketed Ari's cockiness and the cockier he is, the more the show works. Not only that but it would have provided opportunities for some legit cameos.

- Turtle had a quiet episode. I see him leaving the crew at the end of the season to pursue his own work after riding Vince's coattails his whole life.

- I had high expectations for Drama's one-liners in the season premiere but was left disappointed. Can't wait for Johnny Bananas to get going.

- One thing that's remained constant is the quality of music. Vince's house on fire with Till I Collapse transitioning into the credits...chills.


  1. Great show and a great post cant wait to see more of these

  2. curb blew entourage out of the water last night, awful premiere.

  3. fuckj curb and its over the top jew humor. it gets old after 5 mins

  4. biggest surprise for me- skinny turtle

  5. VIP on SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEJuly 26, 2011 at 8:50 PM

    Can they PLEASE have more Lloyd and Ari scenes? That was honestly the funniest part of the show and they completely abandoned it when Lloyd became an agent.

  6. got goosebumps too