Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Herz to the Giants

Great day for BC, the New York Giants, and all of America minus NFC East running backs. Congrats to Herz, I hope he tears it up. Well this brings up an interesting question - which jersey will be seen more around campus next year? Reggie's OKC or Herz's NYG?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Entourage Reactions

This might just be me feeling guilty for never posting but I thought I'd share a few thoughts on last night's Season 8 opener.

- I hate seeing Ari down in the dumps. I know, after so many seasons, the producers want to show us what the "human being" side of Ari is like, but his rants on Lloyd and masterful use of stereotypes is what got me watching this show in the first place.

- Never thought I'd say this but Mrs. Ari wasn't looking great last night. I laugh every time I remember she is never actually given a name in the series, just Mrs. Ari. Ten bucks says in one of the last episodes Ari has an emotional apology/confession of love to her where he calls her by her real name. You heard that here first. If people wanna start a pool on what her real name is I'm thinking Jennifer, Miranda, or perhaps even a Sandra.

- This just in: E's still a bitch. As much as I despise Scott Lavin, I feel like what he says to E would be somewhat similar to what I would say to him. Can he just pump that British assistant and get it over with?

- I'm still bummed the whole NFL-team-to-L.A. thing didn't happen. That would have skyrocketed Ari's cockiness and the cockier he is, the more the show works. Not only that but it would have provided opportunities for some legit cameos.

- Turtle had a quiet episode. I see him leaving the crew at the end of the season to pursue his own work after riding Vince's coattails his whole life.

- I had high expectations for Drama's one-liners in the season premiere but was left disappointed. Can't wait for Johnny Bananas to get going.

- One thing that's remained constant is the quality of music. Vince's house on fire with Till I Collapse transitioning into the credits...chills.

This Guy Owns More Shoes Than Me

Holy footwear.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mac Miller Being Jewish/High

This is old but I hadn't seen it. And yes, that is how you looked last night talking to Mom in the kitchen at 2 a.m.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coaster of the Week - Sperry's On The Beach

Got this reader e-mail about a week ago courtesy of some 2nd Floor Walshians. A fratty image if I've ever seen one. Sorry for never posting, been catching up on Game of Thrones/Tins and still gotta watch the new Curb as well as The Franchise. So yeah this week's kinda hectic for me.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Thursday!

"You go out on Thursdays?" "Sure I do." "Good. Cause a man who doesn't go out on Thursdays can never be a real man."

Friday, July 1, 2011

LeBron, We Gettt Ittt

Bashing on little kids so he can win a game of knockout. 2 dunks, the second one's pretty brutal on the little fella.

Bubba Watson Holding It Down Abroad

Bubba Watson played his first-ever European Tour event in Paris Thursday. It might also be his last. While carding a three-over-par 74 at Le Golf National, the 2016 Ryder Cup site, Watson, who earned a reported $240,000 appearance fee, hardly endeared himself to the galleries or, for that matter, French historians.

Watson has also been stunned by the criticism he has received for his total ignorance of French history and culture. After a trip around Paris, he could only refer to three big landmarks as “the big tower” (Eiffel Tower) “the arch way” (Arc de Triomphe) and “the L building” (The Louvre).

And he added to the anger locally when he referred to Versailles’ historic Louis XIV Palace as the castle next to his five-star hotel.

Watson then ordered a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite and poured it off his hotel balcony


Just...yes. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July then heading to France a few days before and shitting all over their customs and traditions? Ignore all their monuments and just pop bottles off of your balcony. And oh yeah, get paid a quarter of a million dollars just to show up. Watson later said he'd play in the British Open, but only because it is a major. Guy just hates Europe more than the average person. Good work Bubba, way to assert yourself as one of the frattier guys on tour. He's no Daly but I bet he could go beer for beer with Brandt Snedeker (a grossly unappreciated fratstar).

Spitter of the Week: Otter Pops Wrapper

That shirt and that spitter? Monet couldn't paint a prettier picture.