Friday, June 3, 2011

What Kyle Singler Doesn't Want You To Know...

Kyle Singler takes your clothes out of the dryer even when he doesn't need to do his laundry.
Kyle Singler says grace before he eats Roggie's nachos at 2 a.m.
Kyle Singler knows more than ten digits of pi.
Kyle Singler can't draw a "stussy".
Kyle Singler is always shitting when you need to use the bathroom.
Kyle Singler followed the Boston Marathon leaderboard all day on his computer.
Kyle Singler is pushing for Walsh security desks to be installed on every floor.
Kyle Singler never drinks more than one glass of Ovaltine.
Kyle Singler sat quietly in his room on the night of the Osama announcement.
Kyle Singler is rooting for the Heat.
Kyle Singler drinks decaf hot chocolate.
Kyle Singler sings drinking songs on the Comm Ave bus at 7:30 p.m.
Kyle Singler prefers the iPad 1 to the iPad 2.
Kyle Singler enjoys canker sores.
Kyle Singler hopes Tiger never wins another major.
Kyle Singler is the reason Eagle's Deli doesn't take Eagle Bucks.
Kyle Singler drives 55 in the fast lane on the highway.
Kyle Singler responded with "What's the Carter IV?" when asked about "The Carter IV".
Kyle Singler likes the stretch of summer when ESPN shows nothing but baseball highlights.
Kyle Singler seized all online poker sites.
Kyle Singler doesn't sell back his books at the end of the school year.
Kyle Singler invented the "Eagles on the warpath" chant you're forced to do at orientation.
Kyle Singler never played Mario Kart in his life.
Kyle Singler was a soprano in the middle school choir.
Kyle Singler still eats his boogers.
Kyle Singler won't see Toy Story because he doesn't think it's realistic that toys come alive.
Kyle Singler turned down an opportunity to be on Nickelodean Guts.
Kyle Singler double dog dared Sean Kingston to jump over a bridge on his jetski.


  1. Tough list, just recycled old ones. plus the heat comment, like i'm sorry you can't handle MIA's swag

  2. Eagles on the warpath is the shit.

  3. kid really doesnt like the list just cause of one comment about the heat. lets grow up

  4. Eagles on the warpath is the best chant we have.
    Singler started "Boston. College. Maroon and Gold."