Friday, June 3, 2011

Top 500 Feelings - #200 A Stocked Pantry

Ah yes, there isn't much better in life then going over to a friends house and walking into a pantry (it must be a walk-in pantry to even be considered a good pantry) and seeing every single snack you've had your whole life growing up. A good pantry has fruit roll ups, twinkies, chips, an assortment of cereal, enough mac n cheese to survive 2012 and girl scout cookies off the ying yang. But the difference between good and great is quite a leap. A great pantry is a pantry that has the hard to find stuff. I'm talking about dunkaroos, rice krispy treat cereal, big league chew, and a lifetime supply of gushers.

It takes a certain individual to have a legendary pantry. He needs a really nice mom with money to blow. He needs to have a sharing mentality and not have anything off limits. He needs to pride himself on his pantry and constantly remind his mom to restock when inventory is low. He needs to not be a girl. When you have a nice pantry as a kid, it probably means everyone is coming over to your house after school every day. You must embrace this. I know I sure did. I have the 18th Best Pantry on this side of the Mississippi (I can't spell that word without saying it out in my head).

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  1. pantry's so full that things occasionally fall off the shelves.