Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Bro You Should Know - Andres Gonzales

Andres Gonzales is an up-and-coming golfer and soon to be America's favorite in any tournament he plays in. Although that is mainly just because of his looks - hair like Thor and a fu manchu that would make Jared Allen blush, he's also funny as shit. On the other hand, if you look like this guy I'm pretty sure you have to be a funny person. He tweets at Tiger Woods constantly (who he's never met) and begs him to hang out with him. Some of his tweets:

"@TigerWoods my name is andresgonzales and I am a rookie on tour. I like elephants."

"@TigerWoods as you probably know, my birthday was this week. I believe you owe me a night around a camp fire with songs and smores. Ttfn [ta ta for now],"

"Been awake since 3 a.m., @TigerWoods you awake yet? Let's chat."

I have a little thing called a PGAtour card. Its free 99 whether I peg it or not. Im on a free roll. Ps...and im hella tight

"Anybody have a pill that will give me six pack ABS while sitting my hotel room doing nothing @TigerWoods how you look like that?"

Hey , I heard jack used to dunk basketballs. I don't buy it. Youre thoughts?

"@TigerWoods qualified for the open today. Hate to say I don't need a roommate because my family is coming. But I would be up for a p. round."

you are welcome good sir. just trying to get you ready. there will be lots of people here this week. just know they are mine.

Andres Gonzales missed the cut this weekend but I think I know who my favorite new golfer is. And yes that is a 69 on his belt in the picture above.

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  1. that belt company is actually "59"

    it's a weird 5