Friday, June 3, 2011

The Art Of Changing A Facebook Profile Picture

Changing a Facebook profile picture is a tricky science, yet it’s so crucial. To all your acquaintances, you are only as good as your profile pic. Zuckerberg didn’t include the protocol on changing defaults in the user’s manual, so there are some people who change it every week, and there are others who hold on to one for months. If you’ve got a good current, pulling the trigger is tough. There’s sentimental value attached to each pic, and there’s always fear of coming up empty with the replacement. At the same time, you really want the world to see your versatility. You try to keep up with the seasons. Girls struggle with this problem a lot more than guys do. When a girl puts another girl in her Facebook profile, she either a). genuinely likes that girl b). thinks she looks better than that girl or c). thinks that girl is popular and wants everyone to know that they hang out. If you click on some girls’ default, their profile picture album is like 150 pictures long. That’s a little excessive. No need to change it that frequently. Also, something else that confuses me: are captions acceptable on profile pictures?

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