Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wanted: BC Dining

I don't know what's bigger larceny, getting T.J. Whoseyamomma in the 7th round OR BC dining taking back all the money we didn't spend at the end of the year. We get ittt BC, you give us a lot of moneyyyy. Some savages spend it all. Others are walking around with 1,000+ monopoly dollars in their pocket. For the underclassmen out there that are packing heat, don't be afraid to help someone in need. It's a great way to start convo with a babe and its a great way to avoid getting wedgies from the older bullies. About 87% of all juniors out there are on welfare right now. Eagle bucks can only take us so far, but for this final homestretch we need younger siblings, cousins and friends to crutch on. It erks me that BC wants the money they give us back. I thought this was a Catholic school? At least at the end of the year give us 60 dollars or something, anything (no coincidence why I chose 60$, ok $55 if you're lucky).

To get back at the dining devils, feel free to buy everything you can carry. It's like having a minute to run through Toys R' Us and get as many squirt guns and RCA trucks as you can. Only this time you have to grab as many cases of Vitamin Water and Ritz Bitz as possible. Even if you don't need anything, buy it and throw it at someone. Just don't let BC win this war. Viva la Revolucion!


  1. good call. fuck bc dining

  2. You forget that BC doesn't "give us" that money. Your parents pay for it.

    So yeah, make your parents happy, use it up.